Hitlist, the app that gives you wings

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The opportunity: With the release of the Nokia smartphones using Windows design language, my team and I were tasked with pitching an exclusive app to Red Bull. The briefing stated that the app’s name was “The Hitlist,” and it was planned to be an on-brand goal tracking app, giving the users wings and support to achieve their goals, either in fitness, sports, or lifestyle.

The approach: We intended to create an experience devoted to helping users pursue their goals, custom-created or pre-populated with athletes templates within the app. We wanted to build, engage and connect an online community with the same interests in extreme sports giving them exclusive access to Red Bull content.

The execution: We created the wireframes, designed key screens, and then produced an electric app demo video displaying user flow and UI micro-interactions. Utilizing motion graphics and 3d render techniques, we included features such as progress and achievements sharing functionality and provided the user with a shareable comprehensive map of milestones completed after achieving a goal.