Empath is a boutique branding agency on the central coast of California.

The company's philosophy is to connect consumers and brands through empathy, learning about the emotions that influence the purchase decisions, uncovering how and why people identify themselves with a product or a company.

Empath’s existing brand was based on icons representing their process: triangle for market research, square for strategy, circle for creative services and lightning bolt that signifies the work coming together and yielding results.

The work below had the objective of exploring this symbols in a graphic way, inspired by pop art, adding dynamism through colors, textures and patterns that relate to the services provided and industries served. The logotype was updated to be friendlier and more human than their previous version, also to provide more balance with the geometry of the icons.

Their primary colors were blue and gray, I decided to infuse more vibrant supporting colors to move from a corporate style to a creative focused one.