Harmony, California. Population: 18

Logo design

Sitting along the coast and the world famous California Highway 1, between San Francisco and Los Angeles, the tiny 2.5 acres town of Harmony has an interesting history and big destination marketing plans.

Founded in 1869 around a burgeoning local dairy industry, Harmony served as the home of the Harmony Valley Creamery Association and de facto capital of Central Coast dairy production for nearly half a century, while also serving as a picturesque pit-stop for the rich-and-famous on their way to visit William Randolph Hearst just up the road.

Today, the town of Harmony is owned by the VanderHorst family that also runs the Harmony Valley Creamery. Their plan is to put Harmony on the map as a curious attraction with a boutique winery and tasting room, blown glass shop, wedding venue and of course, fresh ice cream and cheese that is part of their family tradition.

In the process of designing the logo, we decided to use the two symbols that define the town’s heritage: the old creamery truck that once delivered the products all the way in San Luis Obispo county, and the Highway 1 itself.

Color studies: