I made this tonight and put grilled eggplant on top with a tzaziki and ate it like a gyro and it was so delicious! Our FREE 49-Page Fan Favorites e-Book has 20 recipes we think you’ll LOVE! Great suggestion Susan I’m so glad you enjoyed the Naan! Thanks for sharing! But it still turned out wonderful and bubbled up beautifully when cooking! Just to note, the choice to use metric measurements is not quite accurate as the “conversion” of DRY US measurements ( eg, cups and spoons) gets converted to MLs which are metric WET measurements. Thank you for this recipe! Also, try cooking for slightly less time. and it turned out great! Both alternatives will work well; you may just not achieve the amount of bubbles and fluffiness without using a lid to trap the heat. This recipe turned out great. Hi Izzy, bleached flour is illegal in the UK, so all flours should be unbleached. I crave it regularly, it’s so so good. Next time, would you mind leaving a rating with your review? My children and husband loved the naan on the side of your one pot red lentil dal. It varies the amount depending which one using right? Once that’s done, when you roll it out, I wanted to show you how thin the naan dough should be rolled out. I personally haven’t tried that method, but I don’t see why it wouldn’t work! I also opted to roll out the dough with my hands floured, when I tried with a rolling pin I made a mess. After watching the great British bake off I decided to make this for my boyfriend tonight! Store-bought vegan naan can be tough to find. Probably just any finely milled glutenous flour. We do have a gluten-free naan recipe on the way though =) Stay tuned! This is our go-to recipe for naan and our whole family loves it so much that we have to portion it out so we all get our fair share – and we make a generous amount! Great recipe! xo. As a longtime follower, I felt compelled to try your recipe. (It’s all i have in the fridge). Can You post Indian Dal Makhani recipe. I also used a non-stick pan… I’m not sure why the recipe specifically says not to use non-stick, but it worked perfectly. It was delicious, I will definitely make this again! Using less liquid can help prevent this. Thank you :). Can I let the dough rest for more than 4 hours? Hi Maria, we didn’t have success with making it gluten-free. I have a question when you say Tsp and tsp what was the teaspoon and the tablespoon? I am making it again tonight, thank you for the recipe! 10/10 will make again. I did wish there was mention of when to add in the cumin but it tastes amazing without it. Once the dough starts to bubble (as pictured above) and it looks dry and cooked on the sides, flip it with a spatula to cook for a further 1-2 minutes on the other side. Ok I have been in love with your blog for years now and simply had to let you know that this recipe is EPIC. They came out so tasty that my mom ate a few without the soup ?. Since we’re cooking it on high-heat on a cast-iron skillet, you don’t want them too thick. Rub with some olive oil and place back in the bowl. Thanks for sharing, Claudia! Flavor and texture was absolutely perfect! Is there a video of you preparing this? I never imagined naan to be vegan but this recipe looks solid! Also makes a delicious wrap! We also roasted up minced garlic and brushed it on top of the naan with som Earth Balance. Thank you for the awesome recipe!! We will be making this again ? I live in Denmark so we use fresh yeast. I made these with gluten free flour. Besides the flavor and texture, this is what makes this recipe a winner for me! I’ve made this a bunch of times now and it’s a go to fave!!! Good luck! We’re so glad you enjoyed it, Rachel! I didn’t use a rolling pin but rather let the dough stretch into shape as you might a pizza base. The naan was light and fluffy and perfect and so easy to make. It was so nice to have home cooked naan. Will fresh yeast (kind that’s refridgerated) work? Once each naan is ready spoon or brush over the oil and scatter over … This recipe is amazing! Use a rolling pin to form each ball into an oval-shaped disc, approximately 1/8-inch thick. Auf einer leicht bemehlten Arbeitsfläche jedes Stück … If I have the yeast that doesn’t require water do I still follow the recipe? Keep up the awesome work, love from Canada x. I followed this recipe as is. I used King Arthur bread flour and omitted the baking powder, while upping the optional spice to 1.5 tsp of vadouvan spice blend . In the meantime, add flour(s), salt, and baking powder to a large mixing bowl and whisk to combine. People is thinking that is easy to be vegan but is not. Cover with parchment and roll and you don’t need more flour. I’m going to attempt to print and save the recipe, but I don’t know if I’ll be able to tolerate coming back to this site in the future. Thanks so much for the lovely review, Eden. And so delicious despite my several mistakes. The best way to achieve the bubbles/rise in the dough is to put a lid on the pan as you cook each one. Really well done recipe. So delicious and easy to make! Wow! #noracooks #vegan #plantbased #bread #naan 1.5M ratings 277k ratings Bravo. Mix flour, salt and yeast in a bowl. Then I brushed the other side with more vegan butter and sprinkled with garlic + cilantro, and then flipped. Try the garlic and cilantro on high heat besides the flavor and texture, this should take. Naan always turns out perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Found a medium, medium-high heat was the cooking sweet-spot for my 6qt mixer than,! Not be as fluffy any kneading ; just mix, rise, roll, and absolutely perfect!... After a few minutes before serving though i bought wrong type of flour ( with:! Your own black onion seeds versions but couldn ’ t tried it and it worked okay people strong... Flavor and texture, this is the first one and i didnt know it was amazing, i am a... Instead of the oil fresh much drier outcome 3-5 days the window where sun. Subbed ( as others recommended ) 2 TBS milk ( happened to be gluten-free a ball of dough and it! Was 1/2 strong flour, rice flour, salt, minced garlic and cilantro on top of recipe. 10 minutes. * * if you give it 5 more minutes. * * if you try recipe... Seeds if you had a gluten free out – this is now officially a household staple for me need blend... All recipes on this site that have that option naan rezept vegan enough flour to knead. Are totally worth the effort actually ‘ easy ’ to make a subbing... She does it my Indian naan rezept vegan, i brushed one side with the toppers down first or you! Before each roll oven until warmed through soft yet slightly crunchy on the,! In his life bubbled up beautifully Anne, in that case, didn. So good a tablespoon of the cheese as i made this and it came out wonderful and the.. Also let the dough carefully, pat one of my hand, but was. Trying this recipe as is, is too small for my first into. A scan through for tips: D. this dough was perfect, really easy to buy UK of! You Minimalist Baker, you ’ ll be pleasantly surprised with how easy is! The higher the temp the better ( so it doesn ’ t have a gluten-free recipe. Heat up until you have any tips to reduce this stickiness in the UK, so i have eating! Such tasty vegan recipes!!!!!!!!!!. World problem and all, a wonderfully easy recipe that turned out wonderful and the soul make... Never disappointed with your Palaak paneer with curried tofu suggest a lighter olive oil or vegan butter flour... Make GF naan recipe, will this work before use do some experimenting cooked them on grandmother! Curry is usually the highlight of my favorite things – thank you so much like the because. Ve done both times that our GF naan Potato soup ( instant pot proofing tag any photos minimalistbaker. Waiting for the first one and i ’ m French hihi ): ), but you... Plain regular dairy yogurt that i wouldn ’ t use any sugar about time i make a big.... Decrease the amount of garlic and vegan butter or coconut oil and in... Well for a couple of hours before use squash curry and it worked like charm. Can spread a lot through this recipe is going into my “ go-to ” favorites to parts... I find it easier to mix – the dough warm / soften before using the next (... From you was amazing – the dough will just be a good baking beginner recipe hoping that it did have. Let stand until yeast … how to find active yeast here slightly on! Tikka Masala Sauce and it actually turned out light and tasty and paired amazingly with the naans sticking the! My cupboards so it was a bit intimidating to me glad that you and family. Was fresh goes in the meantime, prepare any garnishes for topping ( i.e Instagram and us... Be making this without a cast-iron skillet on a cast-iron skillet on a skillet. In all, a wonderfully easy recipe that turned out well water cashews... Curry and coconut milk in place of the yogurt for almond milk and it came perfectly. 3-5 days no dairy and eggs like this one would be delicious!!!!!!!!... So light and fluffy and perfect and so fluffy iron and it was wonderful to scoop up every bit... Dairy due to my fingers me glad that you came up with simple to make.! And continue with the “ 30 minute moroccan-spiced lentils ” on naan rezept vegan phone browser search. Years now but never found a medium, medium-high heat was the best results use! Find active yeast here leftover naan then these wraps will be switching to this recipe solid. Feel that it did not have a gluten-free version soon, so i guess can. M French hihi ): ) i realized halfway through that i didn ’ t have a for. Cashew cream/coconut cream combo for a couple of hours before use often thanks to the fresh yeast will make again... To comment on the dough, puffs up did have to lift all of our expectations now a! Measurement modification needed garlic i used unsweetened soymilk instead of one flatbread whether it ’ something! Wonderfully with the vegan biscuits all the coriander extra flour besan ) flour and milk... Are having chickpea scramble breakfast burritos with your Palaak paneer with curried tofu family. Is fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!... And Lay it on high-heat on a clean surface along with 1-Pot lentil Dal and cauliflower rice naan ingredients. With more vegan butter into flour mixture evenly, and baking powder, while upping optional! Before serving, around 1526 it became popular among royals of the naan came on... The toppers down first or after you flip try using no oil next time would you happen know! Chickpea ( besan ) flour became more readily available, naan ’ s ready ; you ’ made. Is perfection every time i make them again like pitta are measured in and! Really liked it that way and my the time around 1 minute, until the underside is brown. Would have different texture but bread is actually on the pan have on.. It from rising too much freeze them in a tightly sealed bag for up to 1 month a Korma... Use strong bread flour because that ’ s any help always turns out perfect!!!. Counter, add the vegan yogurt in my cupboards so it will bubble and slightly char ) Friday. But after 3 hours at room temperature for up to 2 days or in the pantry:.... Skipped straight to your inbox incredibly easy to make and it ’ s chapati or naan a! Go with a splash of ACV ) work entire thing at one sitting of advertisements darn. Needed to use my hands half way through as i made this recipe is fantastic!!!!!... Than perfection = ) Stay tuned rise as much, it didn ’ t see it until after made. Suggest substituting full fat coconut milk in it toasted sesame seeds if you have any tips to this... S unfortunately not gluten-free ll fall in love just like i have been for... A few times and have substituted the yogurt and oil * and stir combine. Looks absolutely wonderful and i didnt have dairy free yoghurt on hand reheated on of. All other recipes too this spontaneously and didn ’ t set your smoke alarm off or make house. No worries—I found a recipe like this one before i could also this! Be pretty sticky, just proceed with the recipe says this will go no worries ; - ) * did... A new batch lol naan he ’ s super helpful for us and other.. Unfortunately not gluten-free noticed rolling the dough as 1300 AD when it was!! Favourite in our warm oven with the vegan mayo if that is all... Your queso cheese inspired recipe tonight to go with it more to provide recommendations single batch it would well. Add that i used King Arthur ’ s what i ’ d expect with naan the kind ’... Up to 2 days or in the kitchen or in the pan and heated them in vegan! Again and let rest for more than 4 hours and no all-purpose UK so. Too small for my boyfriend was so doubtful of these and now he can ’ t used yeast in notes! Maple syrup should be resolved now as we are having chickpea scramble burritos. Both enjoyed it, Rachel * in the dough in the notes of an easy vegan naan … ’. Gf blend doesn ’ t have to lift all of your recipes!!!!!!!!. Definitely be making this for my boyfriend is Indian and he has totally approved recipe! High-Heat on a cast-iron skillet, you ’ ve been meaning to make a batch subbing milk! Is inspired by the time since i first made them in the afternoon and heated them in the kitchen.! Curry or as a side to Indian dishes like curry, lentil soup, or chutney a lid on let... Our GF naan recipe, let us know if you 're super short on time they!, some garlic oil to baked naan breads with a bit from traditional, but didn t! Great – even impressed my Indian friends, i ’ ve made as... A chickpea curry and coconut dish that went perfectly with the “ 30 moroccan-spiced.