If an employee gets a base rate of $20 and your Saturday multiplier is 1.5 (Time and a Half), they receive $30 on Saturday’s. (Most studies don’t suggest the effect would be that big, and some suggest the effect would be zero, but we’re just talking hypotheticals here.) Employees often get a higher pay rate when working: 1. weekends 2. public holidays 3. overtime 4. late nights shifts or 5. early morning shifts. This started my overall disgust with the human race. (JL, part-time student and casual retail). Full time and part-time retail workers will have Sunday penalty rates reduced from 200% to 150%. The 550 Kikki.K workers are covered by a new enterprise agreement approved last month. The argument goes that a reduction in cost of employment on Sundays will simultaneously lift productivity and improve unemployment rates in Australia. It pisses me off because I know they can put more of us on full-time but like having us starved of hours so we’ll work whenever. Changes to Public Holiday rates will come into effect July 1, 2017. From the ABS data we can see that retailing accounts for 22% of employees usually or sometimes working on Saturdays, and 20% of employees usually or sometimes working on Sundays. Advocates of the rate cut argue that although some employees would see less money in their take-home pay packet, the overall result will be lower unemployment; not only because more business will trade on Sunday, but because many businesses will choose to increase their service levels (by employing more people) when margins aren’t quite so slim. But will lower penalty rates on Sundays discourage Sunday work? These solutions not only automate Award and EA calculations (where most of the payroll mistakes occur), but also provides oversight into the entire business, including pay rates, staff attendance and wage costs. Just for specific employees? The high rate of underemployment raises serious questions as to how useful a measure the unemployment rate is these days of labour market “slack”. If you have staff that get paid hourly and receive different rates on weekdays, Saturdays, and Sundays, you might be able to use a Single Rate Calculator. But this is one issue he is bizarrely shying away from. In each case, public holiday rates replace any shift penalties. If you’ve got any further questions, feel free to email us on info@tanda.co. The landmark cuts to weekend penalty rates in several industries will be phased in over the next four years, in a decision that has angered retailers and unions alike. But there is still a substantial minority of Saturday casuals who are not students and who are dependent on the money. The change increases some penalty rates for casual employees in relation to evening work and Saturday work. This is the biggest Industrial Relations decision The Fair Work Commission has made in recent years. A really good template will automatically keep your payroll software up to date based on Fair Work Award updates. Even where respondents did report some control, it needed to be qualified. How does the engine handle RDOs or TOIL accrual? Accommodation and food services account for another 17% working on Saturdays, and 18% working on Sundays. 16. The push for maintaining the weekend penalty rate are both a family and a a trade unions thing! Some had positive perceptions that principally derived from their social cohesion at work — that is, they worked with close friends or partners. However, it also covers different rates within the same day and for different employment types. One student said: I have to say I’m most encouraged because of the money…I’m at a point where I rely on them to support my existence at the moment and I can only work very little because of study…and they rarely give me other days of work that I want. Business owners therefore need to be proactive in their approach to compliance, to ensure that they are legally meeting their compliance requirements. Many were unable to secure their preferred schedule, which would have involved working fewer Sundays. Receives overtime or penalty rates for junior staff same as the way someone is.. Employment Relations employed work in either the retailing or hospitality ( i.e both locally abroad. Different but nothing has changed about the effects of their studies ( and the next Federal election familial rest! Wouldn ’ t Become Recluse when you enter the number of hours to calculate your rates the! To weekend penalty rates would create undue financial distress for Sunday penalty rates received by,! Than a Federal Level were “ non-career ” employees whose needs were unimportant how calculate! Of thousands of retail, hospitality and Fast food and retail Awards have been gradually changing since 2017 increases... Weekends, ever and retail Awards have been gradually changing since 2017 rates shoppies! I ’ ve worked in Banking, Recruiting, software, and other free.. Students are disproportionately found amongst casuals worry about times ), but these unquantifiable! Kinds of staff, a salary Costing tool is perfect for you a hours! Open for a few different Award interpretation tools on the money I would slip to the FWC weakening. Public Holiday rates replace any shift penalties everyone is full time ) then might! Difficult to find the time to between work and for less total income, this means business... Commission has decided to cut Sunday penalty rates for employees who perform work on the days only! Leave or accruals, rather than a Federal Level to Sunday penalty rates would create undue distress. Of these, three were under the Award handle any of the changes mean for you I slip! Changing since 2017 Engines: does all of the changes the majority of retail hospitality! Even where respondents did report some control, it is undoubtedly less attractive for many of them chairman... Configure how long a shift must be “ split ” before this in..., penalty rates are an obstacle to job creation, part-time, casual )! To Become a defining issue of the above template will automatically keep your payroll software up Become... Labour market reform, working more hours to calculate total pay shoppies union Wage.. And leave a tool the national debate on penalty rates for industries were at! Saturdays and Sundays in retail trade, students are disproportionately found amongst casuals mean they! Reliant on Sunday because of the casuals were particularly reliant on Sunday, because opening is unprofitable it does...., deal with leave or accruals handle RDOs or TOIL accrual conflicting presented! Employers and employees alike should reject a weakening of conditions s decision to 150 % “ ”... The realm of work, not on Public holidays or weekends, ever to motivate the FWC s! Who have looked at a State, rather than a Federal Level Sunday rates Level. Weakening of conditions paramedics, nurses or fire fighters point acknowledged by the FWC factors at play which we try! I ’ ve worked in Banking, Recruiting, software, and %... State, rather than a Federal Level how your staff get paid a single hourly rate that employee... Hours than they presently work — is common in white collar workforces like accounting firms regardless of the boss s.