This hole in the heat exchanger will not allow the negative pressure that the pressure switch needs to close and operate properly. Thanks Steve! tube near the pressure tank. display: inline; Please email us anytime if you have a question. Mr. Hartman-Berrier diagnosed this problem by observing that the pressure control switch would turn the water pump on if the override lever on the pressure switch were moved to the "on" position, but otherwise the switch did not work. And again the pressure switch is brand new (supposedly). I copied the following DIY tip from our site where we sell the Honeywell Smart Gas Valve: *Tip and FYI: Some contractors have told me that many of the SmartValves are having problems with the 4 wire connector that plugs into the top of the valve. If these safety controls are all closed then I would think that you either have a furnace control board problem or a Honeywell Smart valve problem. margin-left: 10px; The pressure switch controls the operation of the well pump, which delivers water to the household. It looks like only inducer motor and control board left…. Please make sure the fuse is not blown on the control board. If you have exceeded the number of turns the furnace will not run right and the pressure switch will not work or stay closed. jQuery('body,html').animate({ scrollTop: jQuery('#shopper_review_page').offset().top }, 800); If you just bypass the vacuum switch , your stove may work again - BUT, you still DON'T have a sufficient vacuum in your burning chamber, and deadly poisonous carbon monoxide may get released into your room. A pressure switch is used to detect the presence of fluid pressure. We offer same-day shipping on most products, so you won’t have to do without the goods you need for long. Sorry to hear that you are having problems with your furnace. If your draft inducer has a capacitor make sure the capacitor is in good condition. And I have also cleaned the flame sensor with a newspaper (no steel wool). I swap out igniter, flame sensor, pressure switch and check high limit switch still good (normally closed) . setTimeout(function(){ #product_just_stars .ind_cnt { The source of pressure switch problems can sometimes be a pain to track down. Nor is intake. margin-left: 10px; The following post will cover the primary components of a pressure switch, what it is, how it works and how to adjust one. pump definatley engages but can't get pressure gauge to hold pressure with valves open or closed ... Jet pump was not working. Hi Barney! New batteries for the thermostat. The control board your furnace uses is a PCBBF112S like we sell on the following page: The inducer part number is a 22307501S which has been updated to part number 0171M00000S. I’m afraid i wired or piped the air wrong to it or something. Took me 5 minutes and the switch was 60$. Hi Sue! Answer:  Hi! And again the pressure switch is brand new (supposedly). Here are five relatively common problems to check: Pressure control switch. Worst & Company Inc. talks about stuff related to our industry! Sometimes this will occur 3-4 times depending on reaching the desired temp in the home. While pressure switches are used in a number of applications, the following post will focus specifically on how they are used in the asse… Rollout and limit switches are good (I jumped to test them), cleaned all I can. Garbage Disposal Switch Testing Although, if the switch doesn’t click, but makes a hissing sound like air is leaking from the air switch, then unfortunately the air switch diaphragm has blown and a new switch is necessary. If the ignitor is not getting 120 volts AC when it is supposed to be glowing then it is a control board problem. I replaced one of my pressure switches, the one connected to inducer motor, then the furnace fired up. You would need to turn the thermostat up so that the heat is on and the draft inducer is on. Nor is intake. var jumHtml=document.querySelectorAll('.sa_jump_to_reviews')[0].innerHTML; Tested inducer motor capacitor with a meter, all good. If you’re having issues with your well pump not starting, not starting consistently, or starting too often, the first thing to check is your pressure switch. Thank you so very much for your business! If stranded wire is your only option, make sure that the wire is wrapped around the terminal in a clockwise direction.If you have sediment in your water or pull water from a lake, it’s a good idea to check the nipple that connects to the bottom of the pressure switch for debris. Seems clean. I would like to suggest that the next time the draft inducer shuts off during the middle of a cycle to make sure you are getting low voltage (24 to 28 volts AC) from the thermostat between the W and C (com) wires. I hope you can easily find and fix the problem. The pressure switch is composed of an internal spring mechanism that is directly connected to a set of electrical contacts. -Check/clean contact points -Tighten all screws. Thermostat calls for heat, inducer motor starts but not ignite and after 30 seconds I can smell gas. If the pump is not creating enough pressure to signal the switch to turn off, it … We have UPS Ground, Next Day Air Saver, 2nd Day Air, 3 Day Select and UPS Sure Post shipping options in our shopping cart. When there is a call for heat, and the inducer starts, if , after 1-2 minutes, the inducer shuts off and pressure switch code comes on, The pressure switch is not closing. Managed by Wooassist - Woocommerce Support Steve, Your email address will not be published. Other times it works just fine…? Does your switch or outlet feel warm or even hot to the touch? If you need parts please send me your furnace’s product number. Hello, love the website and help that it offers. Required fields are marked *. We test your new replacement switch carefully before shipping! 14 years old and I have never ever had any problems until now any recommendations ? Switch Won’t Turn Off But I seem to be out of options with my furnace here. No water lines to or from being blocked. If so, this can be a very serious problem and needs immediate attention.