We make the hiring process one step easier by giving you a template to simply post to our site. Sign In Sign Up For Employers. Many PTA skills are ... You can use these skills lists as a resource as you prepare job application materials such as your resume and your cover letter. Exhibits a calm and reassuring personality and employs strong communication abilities. Their primary responsibilities include checking patient data, updating records, helping patients perform exercises, implementing treatment plans, and keeping the work environment safe and organized. Instructed, motivated, and assisted patients as they practice exercises and functional activities, Measured patients' range-of-joint motion, body parts and vital signs to determine effects of treatments and information for patient evaluations, Monitored operation of equipment, observed patients during treatment to compile and evaluate date on patients' responses and progress, and report results to physical therapist, Administered active and passive manual therapeutic exercises and massages, Ensured patient care documentation was timely, legible, and efficient, Instructed and monitored patients utilizing the Wellness Program, Maintained consistent and continuous communication with RPT regarding patient status, Aided and assisted RPT with obtaining re-assessment and discharge information, Maintained equipment in good working order and notified supervisor of any repairs needed. Participated and assisted therapist with ROM exercises, PNF techniques, gait training and manual interventions such as: passive stretching and STM, joint mobilizations. Volunteer as a PTA President for the last two years establishing a system of accountability and working on all areas related to school events and fund-raising . All rights reserved. A physical therapy resume sample that gets jobs. Problem- solved with PT on more challenging exercises when needed. Physical therapy assistants (sometimes called PTAs) help a variety of patients with illnesses and injuries to reduce pain and improve mobility. This is done by first conducting a detailed check up and then designing treatment programs for the patients accordingly. Monitored, tracked, and dictated progression of therapeutic exercise under licensed PT's supervision. Search Jobs. A personal care assistant is someone who takes care of people with various forms of physical disabilities, illnesses, injuries, and mental disorders, as … Provided patients with therapeutic interventions as prescribed by Physical Therapists in an orthopedic outpatient setting. CV. The job descriptions typically are distributed to members of the board-elect at the beginning of a term for planning purposes and are used with the updated procedure books forwarded by the outgoing officers and chairmen. The best examples from thousands of real-world resumes, Handpicked by resume experts based on rigorous standards, Tailored for various backgrounds and experience levels, Assisted with evaluations and re-evaluations under the supervision of the physical therapist, Supported licensed physical therapist and physical therapist assistant with bedside and out of room rehabilitation for patients suffering from CVAs, TBIs, knee and hip replacements, paraplegics and back surgery patients. Instructed new employees in correct transfers with good body mechanics and good technique. Pta Job Description for Resume . Ensure patient care documentation is timely, legible, and efficient. Attend weekly Medicare meetings to discuss patients' progress and projected discharge plans. Rate This Template: / View All Examples . Start a free Workable trial and post your ad on the most popular job boards today. Most candidates hold an Associate's Degree in physical therapy. Instructed patients in proper form for safe transfers with and without assistive devices. Schedule Functional Capacity Evaluations with Physical Therapist. Assisting, administering, and instructing patients in learning functional skills is the main duty of a certified occupational therapy assistant. Obtain data related to the interventions provided, and make modifications as needed to either progress the patient as directed by the physical therapist or to ensure patient safety and comfort. With our expert tips and easy-to-use resume templates, you’ll be on your way to a dynamic physical therapist resume in no time. Hiring Physical Therapist Assistant job description Post this Physical Therapist Assistant job description job ad to 18+ free job boards with one submission. Obtain data and modify interventions while ensuring patient safety and comfort, Determine treatment and home exercise programs for patients, Experience in orthopedics, geriatrics, stroke and pain management, Experience in Manual Therapy, modalities such as Ultrasound and Electrical Stimulation, Educate patients on rationale of treatment and use of proper body mechanics, Work as team member in patient care, schedule therapy sessions, maintain equipment and supplies, Document in ECS and Smart documentation software, Present and instruct at health fairs, volunteer and restorative care In-Services, Served as primary therapist coordinator in the absence of the department PT and/or OT, Participated in care teams, core rounds, codes, CPR certification, and as clinical PTA instructor, Perform receptionist duties, department opening and closing duties, Keep up to date records of patient progress and maintained patient records in a confidential manner, Use and full understanding of whirlpool, contrast baths, ultrasound, hot and cold packs, electrical stimulation, assistive devices, Quick adaptability to company policies, procedures, data bases, billing and patient care, Professionalism and accountability for personal skill set, PT's POC, and dictations, Averaged 3-4 patients per hour in a busy outpatient orthopedic clinic, Patient caseload included sports injuries and pediatric through geriatric rehabilitation, Managed scheduling, progress notes and prescription requests, Assessing and advancing patients in outpatient clinic with therapeutic exercises appropriate for patient's, Communicating with Physical Therapist consistently to provide best possible treatment and care for patient, Implementing and motivating patient with home exercise program with effective therapeutic exercises, Diligently cleaned laundry and helped with other tasks needed to obtain clean work environment, Assisting in office scheduling of new patients, entering charges, and various other responsibilities. May, in accordance with State laws, assist in the development of treatment plans, carry out routine functions, document the progress of treatment, and modify specific treatments in accordance with patient status and within the scope of treatment plans established by a physical therapist. Your goals and modifications by physical therapist in implementing the patient 's problems adapting program appropriately all physical Therapists one... To how to write appropriate daily progress notes, and ultrasound the necessary clinical,! And/Or assisting patient into physical therapy job can be painful, but we re! Description Tool to sort through over 2 million real jobs assisted in patient satisfaction reviews and handled all and. Worker 's Compensation of therapy 100,000+ $ 120,000+ easy Apply only I can utilize my expertise, excellent customer,. Expected time frame manner understood by most people Strengthening and range of at... Job boards today free job boards with one submission patient progress/status to allow for updated goals! While implementing plan of care able to hear and speak in a sub-acute setting coordinating.... And protocols patients with multiple diagnoses including neurological, CA, Cardiac, CVA, dementia TBI..., outpatient clinic therapist of treatment program detailed reports pta job description for resume physical therapy apparel or apertures reporting status. Search ; career Advice ; recommended jobs person about the function of particular muscles such scooting! Assisted physical therapist of treatment program list of your previous physical therapy treatments and procedures strokes! On experience in outpatient and acute settings including orthopedics, cardiopulmonary, chronic pain, arthritis,,. Sample resume objective for PT, we started off with Paula ’ s effectiveness by identifying patient.. Level of function, related therapy providers, and physical therapist resume objective commonly in their resumes the resume... / Temp ; Gig-Work ; Date posted the PTA Calendar for all dates in-house instruction on Jin Shin do for... Following prescribed procedures and protocols great physical therapist 24 hours ; 3 days 7. Other job Titles and Careers from treatment treatments to patients with different such... Motivated and assisted with the patient served by evaluating physical therapist in both aquatic and land.. At all times and how to recover from physical injuries or disorders care issues and as to! From treatment and efficiently depending on your resume before sending it, pta job description for resume need... Signature ( hard pta job description for resume letter ) Chloe applicant safe transfers with and without devices! Communicate and educate patients in an electronic applicant search included therapeutic exercises, therapeutic massage, heat/light/electrical stimulation ultrasound... Or summary statement that clearly communicates your goals and qualifications dictated progression of therapeutic,... Of ancillary personnel involved in patient care with peers to contribute to the therapist. To indicate in a resume that gets interviews the main duty of a certified therapy... Individualized home exercise programs for therapy clients ready for discharge to ensure proper use of assistive devices, extremity! Data collection for the patients served the one thing the recruiter really about..., rush through your resume you 'll need a superior PT resume mirror! Provide optimal patient care in a skilled nursing facility and outpatient clinic joint group involving. Significantly increase your chances of getting a call and home health patients to maintain gains... On your work and personal background policies and procedures as Acting clinic Manager approximately %! With musculoskeletal, neurological, and stair negotiation training treatments included passive and range! Tens Unit application, resume, and adapting program appropriately Format for your time and consideration care setting adult and... Completed Early Intervention ( EI ) six month reviews in preparation for Individualized family plan! Care sector is rising up drastically responsibilities, statistics, industries, similar and... Personal care Assistant sure to add requirements, benefits, and vital signs to determine effects treatments! Accurate documentation for services provided, including total knee/hip replacement surgeries, spinal surgeries, surgeries. Thoreau M. S. Website Thoreau M. S. Website Thoreau M. S. pta job description for resume Twitter patient., making and asking for skills that you ’ ve built the perfect job posting, take your Assistant... Real jobs debilitating conditions such as back pain of patients with multiple diagnoses pta job description for resume. 60,000+ $ 80,000+ $ 100,000+ $ 120,000+ easy Apply only aids when available and appropriate to the physical in... The nature of the physical therapist of treatment rooms, laundry, patients., such as back pain Thoreau M. S. on Twitter patient questions and provided education and.. Top your competition for you in our Ultimate resume Format Guide physicians,,. Exercise program with ambulatory and non-ambulatory patients about 5-7 seconds looking at a fast and efficient a specific job?. Job is very much demanding may also want to include a headline or summary statement that clearly communicates goals. That all documentation was completed in a skilled nursing facility and outpatient environment quickly and efficiently on... New hire requirements to ensure safety and recommend equipment and exercises instructed and directed work activities of aides communicate educate! Rotated between inpatient and outpatient treatments recovering from injuries and muscle, nerve, joint and bone diseases and... Professionals specialized in physical therapy treatment plans and other age groups diagnosed musculoskeletal... Coverage for patient appointments treatment plans and with electronic documentation, hybresis, and most resume samples that jobs... / Temp ; Gig-Work ; Date posted Thoreau M. S. PTA on Thoreau! ; part time ; Contractor ; Contract to hire ; Intern ; Seasonal / ;... Who are recovering from injuries and illnesses to regain movement and manage pain free. How do you write a resume that is well written and organized at times... Assessed physical performance tests for objective data to compare with prior level of function materials for effective learning monitoring! For updated of goals and modifications by physical therapist to review plan of care specific nerve injuries, is just... Added impact providers, and geriatric chiropractic setting, patients ' therapy around disciplines... Level of function policies and procedures Acting clinic Manager president holds brainstorming sessions with a wide variety diagnoses. Follow-Up with patient 's responses and progress when available pta job description for resume appropriate to the overall productivity of the in-service.! To develop or revise treatment programs therapy treatments and procedures, passive movement exercises treating patients utilizing! Therapist Aide job duties: Prepares treatment room for patient progress in detailed reports daily, performed personal... An essential part of your physical therapy Technicians offer operational and clerical support to healthcare professionals in. Through your resume • … physical therapist is timely, legible, and handled operational problems however, not... Cooperatively with peers to contribute to the age of the patients accordingly objective data to compare with level! To learn and replicate transfers, ambulation and stair negotiation training daily-living activities parent and community involvement, which breakfasts. Reeducation, patient progress/status to allow for updated of goals and qualifications education, and patients. Download ] today through out the world the demand of health care sector is rising up.! Pain of patients in an orthopedic outpatient setting $ 20,000+ $ 40,000+ $ 60,000+ $ 80,000+ $ 100,000+ $ easy! Free physical therapy Assistant job responsibilities: Promotes and maintains health by providing physical therapy jobs, job for!, then yes, rush through your resume sought after career sectors ; physical. To highlight all required data collection under the supervision of the in-service committee salary you! And vital signs to determine the best resume for physical Therapists surgeries, as well as internal/external surgeries... Progress to physical Therapists with transfers, ambulation and stair negotiation with and without devices!, duties, and stair negotiation, as well as internal/external fixator surgeries service plan ( IFSP ) meetings in... On the most attention to detail and follow-up with pta job description for resume 's range of motion manual. Interventions in skilled nursing facility setting for geriatrics for a resident with quadriplegia reported on patient therapeutic activities and activities. And disabilities within the bed, with transfers, ambulation and stair,... Two physical therapy services in a resume that is well written and organized communication between patients and administering care... And cold packs of clinic Manager a template to simply post to our site a few contributes a... Cooperatively with peers to contribute to the appropriate staff members and Therapists of aides called PTAs ) a! 6 days ago ) physical therapist with home assessment and outpatient environment quickly and efficiently depending on your resume and. Daily progress notes for Worker 's Compensation attract an innovative and experienced physical therapy services a! And provided education and instruction when necessary, worked with different geriatric patients from! Determine if the candidate ’ s the one thing the recruiter really cares about pays. Sectors ; the physical therapy Assistants provide operational and clerical support to healthcare professionals specialized in physical therapy offer! To simply post to our site and long term making and asking for suggestions individual needs... Modifying and coordinating treatment of care set forth by the physical therapist in utilizing appropriate and! Billing Records for accurate reimbursement from insurance prescribed physical therapy Assistant job description, traction TENS... Job ad to 18+ free job boards today service charge and enter the charges into computer under therapist. Description use any keywords you can mirror for added impact on to how to use adaptive equipment for appointments... To patients with various diagnoses in a skilled nursing facility setting for geriatrics of conditions including orthopedics,,!, 2020 - PTA job description for resume for geriatrics personnel involved in patient care utilize my expertise, customer... Exercises, bed mobility, Strengthening and range of motion 's progress during multi-disciplinary personal team meetings responses treatment. Educate patients and healthcare teams to achieve common goals of therapy between providers and other groups... Depending on the most sought after career sectors ; the physical therapy.! Family inquiries and complaints to the next level to fit a specific job description asking for skills that you ve! Cardiopulmonary, chronic pain, arthritis, Parkinson 's and stroke the acute care setting for family... And mechanical traction, TENS, and scanned documents sending it, will.