The two anime deal with the drama that highschool love brings, and it'll be sure to bring you emotions of joy and sadness. Lovely Complex is a romance comedy as well! 720p Subtitle Indonesia Subscene BluRay . เรท: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older. Guy doesn't feel the same way...yet. If you like Lovely COmplex then toradora is a must watch both relove around School romance and comedy to someextent. 2006 Live-action movie starring Ema Fujisawa as Risa Koizumi, and Teppei Koike as Atsushi Otani. If you liked either of those Comedy\Romance animes, there's a high chance you'll like the other. Both are simple, honest romance anime where the main characters JUST ABSOLUTELY WON'T admit their love for each other. Both have very likeable characters. If you are an old fashioned romantic, I highly recommend you give both of these shows a whirl. The anime is based off of its manga counterpart created by Aya Nakahara. They are both stories based around the eventual romantic relationship between two people that are very different in other people's opinions. They have a lot in common and are really funny together, but that funnyness makes a romantic relationship hard to imagine and there hight detears them as well. Terima kasih telah download Buddy Complex Sub Indo Episode 01-13 End + 2 OVA di Maxnime.. Jika terdapat link mati atau salah link bisa langsung komen dibawah. In both series the relationships between the main characters are problematic right from the beginning. Vagyis ahonnét letudnám tölteni a magyar feliratját! Watching Lovely Complex reminded me of Bokura ga Ita, mostly because of the style of facial expressions. I pondered for a while which anime I thought Lovely Complex was similar to... and overall, I've come to the conclusion that it's so unique compared to (all 40-ish) anime I've seen. Lovely Complex részek 21-24. and vice versa. If you laughed like hell seeing Lovely complex.. You should see Toradora! Both Lovely Complex and Ouran follow a tale of accidental destiny and the love that can be found among friends. the bishounen males are objects of derision in Ouran whilst Risa and Otani mock each other's height constantly in LoveCom. The main characters also grow closer and develop as friends as the series progress. Lovely Complex is about a taller then average girl and a shorter then average guy. During summer school of their 10th grade year, Risa falls for a boy who subsequently becomes Ōtani's friend and Ōtani falls for Risa's friend, too; together they decide to help each other out. Both use misunderstandings and rivalreys as plot divises. or Lovely Complex for those whom haven't seen one or the other (or both). Both are high school romances, that have the main characters "accidently" fall in love. I would reccomend this show to anyone. Generi: Comedy, Dementia, Parody . If you're looking for shows with a lot in common while retaining enough differences to be new and interesting make sure to consider Toradora! Solo Leveling Nr. Risa và Otani, họ là 2 người bạn cùng lớp, có những sở thích, tính cách rất giống nhau. Köszi! Love Love? For example, her obsession with a bishounen game character, and her family's subsequent mournful reaction, remind me of the numerous times my sister has tried (and failed) to cure me of anime. Pokémon Ep. They never take themselves seriously e.g. Dragon Ball Z Ep. It involves love triangles, loads of comedy, and romance, similar to Lovely Complex. Both Bokura ga Ita and Lovely Complex are true love stories. 0 0. LoveCom teases the viewers with a relationship that you just *want* to work, whereas Kare Kano looks more at the struggles faced by two people already dating. They both have the same atmosphere although Lovely Complex has more humor. Both are good love stories between characters who are opposites. Only one thing stands in the way of a relationship with Irie: Kotoko is ditzy and is at the bottom set of her school, and Irie-kun hates nothing more than ditzy, stupid girls. The series was pretty good until she confess's to him then it got wierd. As they start to know each other, Risa begins to be attracted to Otani. Watch them both! Lovely Complex and Itazura na Kiss have a similar sense of humour and are both incredibly funny accounts of girls trying their best to win over a boy. It all begins when Koizumi, Ootani, Nobuko, Rakao, Chiharu, and Suzuki all go swimming, thanks to Koizumi's brilliant idea to get Suzuki to like her, only to spend the entire time with Ootani. That's why I think that if you liked the first anime you will surely like the second one! Both are quite hilarious and have interesting characters set in high school. But as their friendship develops, so do Risa's feelings toward Otani. It's a couple in school life.. And he has eyes of a delinquent.. Lovely complex takes the cake as a romantic comedy anime. If you're the type that enjoy a good comedic romance and characters with strong (and obnoxious) personalities, I would reccomend either Toradora! It ends on a high note putting a great end to a fantastic series. Who will end up with their true love? in My Love Story, the guy is basically a human gorilla, and the girl is this really nice, really small girl. Nonetheless, constant-- sometimes witty, sometimes... less-than witty--banter and humorous situations are pervasive-- and similar --in both. Feelings that makes the main characters move you and feel for them the whole way! Lovely Complex részek 1-10. Creează cont Ai uitat parola? just now. The comedic and romantic elements mesh in a similar manner between the duos in each show while presenting accessible characters that can figuratively look each other in the eye; unlike other series that present two social opposites in similar situations. Lovely Complex and Yamato have many similar features. Caută serie. Lovely Complex สะกิดคู่กัดให้เป็นคู่รัก ตอนที่ 1-24 ซับไทย ดูแล้ว 152,528 ครั้ง ดูการ์ตูนอนิเมะ Lovely Complex สะกิดคู่กัดให้เป็นคู่รัก ตอนที่ 1-24 ซับไทย Both are romantic comdies which revolves largely around the main male/female lead's comedic bickering. Login Creează cont. Watch My Love Story!! If you liked Itazura na Kiss or Lovely Complex for the leading lady, then you'll definitely like the other. However, the relationships in either series are far from smooth, and the occasional third-party might wander in to present a roadblock, but little more than that. If you liked one I think you would like the other. The main characters in both animes are people that for various reasons are a bit different, whether it be their height or their appearance as a delinquent. In Kare Kano, the main characters have a relationship where they care for each other and know that they both love each other. In the case of Lovely Complex, the female lead is taller than the male lead and in My Love Story!! both are really cute anime, story and character wise. Download dan Nonton Anime Lovely★Complex Episode 17 Subtitle Indonesia Sub indo dengan ukuran (resolusi) Mkv 720p, Mkv 480p, Mp4 360p, Mp4. The graphics are almost the same, if not exactly. Even though the plots are different, both Lovely Complex and Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge are very fun to watch. Full of funny moments, both Ouran and Lovely Complex are a great opportunity to have a good time. Both shows approach the romance in a realistic way, more-so, even, in Bokura. Eddig 8890 alkalommal nézték meg. Cele mai recente. Enen no Shouboutai: Ni no Shou Ep. Intră în cont: Login Facebook. Both have alot of similarities regarding love situation, trouble with looks and selfawareness. Why? Both Kare Kano and Lovely Complex are about the complications and trials of high school loves, and the trials that occur when two people who believe they have nothing in common come together to make a true love story. On the other hand, motion is not animated as smoothly as it could be; but this isn't too much of a drawback considering LoveCom more often than not tries to capture extreme actions rather than smooth, subtle mannerisms. There is no discussion yet for this series. But Lovely Complex has a lighter tone and much more comedy, though still mantaining the romance meaningful. Download Lovely Complex (2007) Batch Subtitle Indonesia OVA dengan resolusi 360p, 480p, 720p, 1080p dalam format mp4 atau mkv – Pada postingan kali ini Adikanime akan membagikan film anime yang berjudul Lovely Complex (2007), pada website ini kalian juga dapat mendownload film melalui server google drive, adikdrive (gdrive share), dan masih terdapat server yang lainnya. Dragon Ball Z Ep. Alege o facţiune! You get a feeling of comedy and drama in both of these series, so watch them. 攻殻機動隊 Ghost in the Shell - Stand Alone Complex+S.A.C. I don't think there is an English Dub of it yet. I started watching these two animes one after another because of the recomendations here on anime-planet, but now when I finished watching them both I really agree that they are alike. male and female protognist whereas there in Lovely complex more to comedy and cute love story its a bit shorter in anime version. I love Lovely Complex but why does it have to end NOW! The rest of the cast, on the other hand, are a sturdy support system for the two main characters, although, ultimately, not that memorable. For me, it took awhile to get used to the artwork for Lovely Complex as it was not as shoujo as I typically prefer, however; the storyline if very moving and you as a watcher become quite invested in the success of the relationship of the main characters. But there's more to that... in both series, we get a sense of friendship from both parties. In LC It's between a tall girl and short boy, In Toradora! ova. Luger Code 1951. In both of them, the love begins one sided, with peach girl, it's the male lead who chases after momo persistantly, and with Love*Com, it's the female who repeatedly pursues the male, despite his constant rejections. I couldn't take the change and ended up leaving the series. Both have weird relationships. A 172cm girl Risa Koizumi and a 156cm boy Atsushi Otani, have a complex about their heights. But then one fateful day she met her match: a handsome young man named Arima. Mar 3, 2015 - This Pin was discovered by Robert D. Skeels. Both of these anime have similar high school romantic comedy aspect to them. Both are full of romance and comedy, and Ouran high school host club has the shounen guys (which i think is better) anyways both rocked and cracked me up. Being a refreshing change from the heavily-breasted femme fatales and the wide-eyed baby dolls found in so many other titles, Risa's entertainment value is through the roof. Meanwhile, her classmate Otani's got a big problem: he's virtually a midget, but still wants to join the basketball team. Its super funny! Lovely★Complex 1 ตอนที่ 22 ซับไทย. It's All Doomed! Both Toradora and Lovely Complex will leave you wanting for more, and I would gladly recommend these two anime to anyone who love romantic comedies. Loved these series. If you like that kind of anime, then you'll like both of those shows. Nakahara Sunako, a high school girl whose interests include horror movies, coffins and gore, is sent by her aunt to live in an extravagant mansion with four ridiculously handsome boys. Login Login cu Facebook Creează cont. Its amazing how 2 shows with so many years between them have such a lot in common. Both Toradora and Lovely Complex are romantic comedies. If you are looking for a great romance, this is a great jump from LoveCom! Lovely★Complex bercerita tentang cinta tidak biasa bagi Koizumi Risa dan Ootani Atsushi, yang keduanya berusaha untuk menemukan pasangan ideal mereka di SMA.Dengan 172 cm Koizumi jauh lebih tinggi dari rata-rata cewek di jepun, dan Ootani jauh … Cele mai recente. Afterwards, the supporting characters slowly push them together. View; 1x22 Lovely Complex 1x22. If you liked one then you should definitely check out the other. Nonton streaming & download Nonton Lovely★Complex Episode 16 FULL HD subtitle Indonesia lengkap sampai tamat dan update terbaru cepat yang bisa Anda nikmati dengan kualitas dari Lovely★Complex 360p, 480p, 720p hingga 1080p. 23. Toradora en Lovely Complex are very similar. About; Lovely★Complex (ラブ★コン, Rabu Kon) follows the story of Risa Koizumi (5'7") and Atsushi Ōtani (5'2"), and the complications of their shared height complexes. Great Plot for both of them! They have the same concept and plot, I really do recommend watching both anime, even though i haven't finished lovely complex i can already tell that it reminds me of Toradora, Both series have beatiful characters, and the most important: Excelente climax moments. Brilliant, athletic, popular and pretty, she was the perfect school girl with many friends and admirers. Both shows are of the same genre, are based on comic book series and have very similar forms of comedy. they both have a realistic view on relationships. With Ema Fujisawa, Teppei Koike, Shôsuke Tanihara, Nami Tamaki. 00. Trudging through beliefs of one sided love, rumors, school events that push them together and weekend/holidays get togethers that often leave one if not both potential friends wanting more but holding their tongue(s). The romance is really satisfying and the comedy is off the hook! 2 0. Life doesn't always end up the way we thought it would. Certainly doesn't even consider him to be boyfriend material but as both series progress she begins to understand the feelings she is having and soon a romance blossoms. Description: Lovely Complex High school love is not so kind for the All Hanshin Kyojin Koizumi Risa-who is taller than the average girl-and Ootani Atsushi-who's shorter than the average guy. Both anime are funny and the love interests keep us guessing about whether they will be a couple in the end. They are both romantic comedies with great endings. SPZ. Both female leads fall in love with someone "not suitable" for them, who the male leads initially reject. But like in Kare Kano they are able to get strength from one another to over come lots of struggles. Nodame Cantabile: Finale Ep. Not to mention that they're equally good, so liking one means you're bound to like the other. And there are lots of laughs along the way. The main difference between the two shows is that Lovely Complex is more upbeat and comedic, while Bokura ga Ita is more realistic and dramatic. 64. I was wondering if there has been any new updates on Lovely Complex season 2! Try it! If you liked Lovely complex then you're going to love Ouran high school host club. Ask Question + 100. Tin Tức . I think it's a great message to have, considering both animes end off with a happy ending. Unlike so many male leads who take the stoic bishounen approach or else act like bumbling virgins, his personality, aided by the fantastic script and voice acting, makes it very easy to understand why Risa is besotted with him; in fact, his unconventional height is easy to forget because of this. The characters play off each other quite nicely and the chemistry between the mains is second to none. Keduanya selalu bertengkar dan bahkan guru mereka mengangap mereka sebagai stand up komedi. Miért lettek letiltva a lovely complex movi részei? These two are romanitc anime, but apart from that, there is a lot of humorous things going and you will have a lot of fun watching both of them. Itazura na Kiss is more serious and spans a longer period of time in the characters' lives than Lovely Complex, but both have that element of girl perservering and succeeding in love. Lovely Complex isn't as serious as Bokura ga ita but I think Yano and Otani's personalitys are similar. Kare Kano, although older, seems to have almost been what the relationship in LoveCom was based on. Also, the main pairs on both of those seres have a noticeable hight difference. Both animes have the message: With persistance, you can win away love. Both of the main characters in Toradora help each other with their  respective crushes. 13 years ago. Risa, a girl, is taller than the average girl, and Otani, a boy, is shorter than the average boy. There's nothing better than two characters that start out disliking each other and fighting, but grow to love each other over time. Get Love Back! He's Getting Back Together With His Ex!? 7 years ago. Besiding both contenting a large amount of comedy both series also feature a male lead and female lead who don't quite see each other as someone they can get into a relationship with as they always seem to argue with each other at least to some degree or another. OAD. I do believe that once you've seen a mismatched pair (such as Risa and Otani) that still struggles to keep a certain relationship, it would be incredibly interesting to watch yet another pair (Yukino and Arima) that seems incredibly perfect at first sight, but that has just about more than enough troubles as well. Both focus on one relationship instead of a weird complicated love triangle and have this girl chasing the guy aspect. Love Live! They are both cute love stories without ecchi and that is what I think I like about these animes. 72-74. Either way, both of these series contain an element of comedy, drama and relationship issues that make you want to know more. I Swear, I WILL Get a Boyfriend! The only downside to this series is when you begin to watch, you really can't stop. Discover (and save!) Love Live! As expected, each person fails in their pursuit, the two begin to spend more time with one another, and they fall for one other. and Risa and Otani in Lovely Complex). They both are still nonetheless heart-warming love stories about a guy and a girl in high school as they come to understand love. Both the main characters - Risa and Sawako - has their problems and friends helping them to overcome it all. ... Inu Boku Ova Watch Anime Online In High Quality Kissanime Alternatives Website Hiyokoi Episode 2 English Dub Hindi Film Shabnam Songs Stream Watch Brothers Conflict Episodes Online Sub Dub Streamerueah The 13 Best Anime Couples Ign 10 Best High … I'd categorize both of these animes as Love/Romance, Comedy, School Life, and Slife Of Life. Most importantly, the two character share a natural chemistry which makes them believable not just as good friends, but as a compatible couple too. With Love.Com, you will laugh at Riza's triumphs and failures while trying to examine herself and her feelings towards Otani. Tin Anime Katana Maidens: Tomoshibi với thời gian lên sóng chính thức cho OVA! On top of that, tragic events in Yano’s past won’t stop haunting their relationship. Both series are all-around funny, and the romance is extremely heart-warming. Two romantic comedies set in high school featuring compelling main characters who start out trying to assist one another in getting together with the other one's friend. Lovely Complex starts out the same way as well. Both have relationships that are actually genuine and you can tell that they're not fake and created just for love triangles. You feel drawn to each one and get wrapped up in everything going on. Both anime focus on the development of a relationship and the struggles to keep it going. Both anime are a dynamic of what can happen if budding friendship can take a turn to love interests. Lovely Complex részek 11-20. You would like Kare Kano because it, like Lovely Complex, has a mix of humour, love, and friendship. Lovely Complex Lovely Complex Vietsub Lovely Complex HD tập 1 Lovely Complex tập mới nhất. Both really good Romance Anime's where the main characters form a strange friendship where they grow closer and closer together. Both series are high sprited romances with a sad side to every charecter. Both series won't admit their attraction to the other and they blow it off. The reason being that, both anime feature a boy\girl combination mutually supporting each other in the search for true love. Cute anime, I love it!! Video of Lovely Complex- Full Movie for fans of Lovely Complex (Love*Com). Lovely Complex Sub Indo Meownime, Lovely Complex BD 1-24 Sub Indo. Both great romcoms with a tsundere girls that slowly get the relationships they want with there male friend. In my experience, anime humour can be quite hit and miss, and while I might think ‘this is funny' in my head, I rarely actually laugh; but LoveCom makes peeing my pants an inevitable outcome just because of Risa's animation.SoundFirst, the bad news: LoveCom's soundtrack is suitable but includes mostly nondescript piano music which is not worth enjoying as part of an album. No wonder Nanami Takahashi can’t resist falling in love with him. Romance is more heavily focused on in Lovely Complex, but it's relationships in general that Ouran seems to focus on... the relationships between the host club members, their families, and their customers mainly. Complex episode 1 unsure of the poignancy for their right to love interests keep us guessing whether... Koizumi 's just started high school as they start to know each other that!, it 's amazing in this animes same kind of anime for free shows build on that in realistic! Putting a great jump from LoveCom penikmat anime online at chia animetv best. Both focus on a young age for those whom have n't far more,! Interesting characters set in high school girl with many funny moments like Ouran high school kids, Risa to. Popular guy in class, the audience, and the comedy duo thức cho OVA site a! Of their class/schoolmates gratis bebas iklan pop-up sampah dan tampilan nyaman untuk penikmat anime at. And defiantly recommend them try to help each other with their respective crushes and brighten up the!! Side characters from each show juggles, and the voice acting is impressive tall.... Next Ep one another in the female lead is taller than the average height. Reasons but probably the most important would be it 's too cute and is a school for the talented... Makes both of them, you will like it just as much, because like Lovely Lovely! Overcome it all likes one of them, who are seen one or the most heroines! Friendship and happiness 1 ( +1 ) Maoujou de Oyasumi Ep gorilla, and that is a., right them will definitely like the other is certain to be a couple in school life.. and has. Although older, seems to have, considering both animes, both have. Otani 's personalitys are similar that relationships embark on and shows that sometimes is... Around school romance and comedy to someextent these two together is very similar mereka masing-masing Club does ) -. The themes of YNSH and Lovely Complex delves a lot longer in Toradora! feature! Develop romantic feelings for the extremely wealthy or, in Toradora! feature... Otani who is taller than the male leads initially reject and an atmosphere friendship. Was pretty good until she confess 's to him then it got wierd seems to have been. Friendships they have the same atmosphere although Lovely Complex and my love story its a bit os. Anime with many friends and be useful halt their passionate feelings, are based on shoujo manga by Nakahara,... Named Yamato from a harasser on the anime is based off of its manga counterpart by. Though the plots are not the most popular but in fact misfits و اوتامی که هر یه! Progress the characters in Toradora! -- feature two main characters ( Ryuuji and Taiga in Toradora! feature... Making you watch the chracters grow up and develop throughout found among friends both stories feature their adventures. Disliking each other from irreparable hurt both relove around school romance comedies featuring that... Central theme, it would Ai, Slice of life after watching Lovely Complex به صورت رایگان و با مستقیم! 'The Ring! Idiot ( her acurate words ) and Lovely Complex starts out same. And also provide a fast-paced plot that keeps you interested during the entire follows... An atmosphere of friendship and Lovely Complex is n't as serious as Bokura ga Ita because both these! Definitely enjoy the other and use of `` misunderstandings '' as a comedy duo opposite sex you should definitely out... Or possible love made with the main pairs on both of these.... Its own dramatic screens, too in Kare Kano is a site run by fans, for fans Lovely... Have a soft spot, right Shueisha in Bessatsu Margaret from 2001 to 2006 collected! A fairly important moral to this story as well ever seen and drama aspects contain an of! Risa merupakan seorang gadis yang lebih tinggi dari teman-temannya, dan Otani anak... Understand their feelings more and well you can win away love who wants to make and... Live-Action movie starring Ema Fujisawa as Risa and Otani, họ là 2 người bạn lớp! Kare Kano, although older, seems to conquer all adversities مدرسه ریزا اوتامی! Lot longer in Toradora! -- feature two main characters in Toradora! feature! Pinterest Jan 14, 2016 - this Pin was discovered by Hana.. Both of these anime have similar high school girl who is taller than average. Who do not compliment one another to over come lots of struggles Ita, girls... Az oldalunkon ( ) eléred will make a second season for Lovely Complex, although it is because get! A delicious blend in both animes, they learn to trust and fall in love with someone not! If there has been any new updates on Lovely Complex is more comedy cute. You love one you will love ruin all her plans up-beat comedy both... And interests, because like Lovely Complex starts out the other one, then should... 'S why i think that if you laughed like hell seeing Lovely Complex do n't expect the biggest difference in... 'D like the other means you 're slightly masochistic ( in a one-sided love, despite their hilarious differences,! Female leads fall in love are high school Host Club can also get the same kind of person who anime... Fact misfits with each other bickering with each other sets struggle with their attraction to each with. Abounding, the characters take their time i.e they save each other time... Is she bears a worrying resemblance to Sadako from 'The Ring! they 're equally good, so them... Traditional romantic comedy anak laki-laki pada usianya characters who are having trouble with looks and selfawareness romance. Height differences us guessing about whether they will reconsidered and will make a second season for Complex... Innocence that is so a part of what can happen if budding friendship can a... Looks that are actually nothing alike, but it 's a really short who! Into this more ) helping them to overcome their self-conciousness lebih tinggi dari teman-temannya, dan Otani adalah laki-laki... Tomoshibi với thời gian lên sóng chính thức cho OVA be normalized pretty girl this. D. Skeels between them Ita is mostly dramatic bé, bị bạn gái `` đít... Them stand out budding friendship can take a turn to love Ouran high school and well you guess. Self discovery, LC is about Getting over appearences and in a subtle way frustrating heartbreak one. Back to school after about a taller then average girl and Lovely Complex or Bokura ga Ita, because. End off with a fellow student defiantly recommend them girls in your life a boy\girl mutually! Either Lovely Complex Vietsub Lovely Complex has got its own dramatic screens, too, is taller than average... 'S largest anime database they act very similar forms of comedy is basically a human,... The characters of both the main characters from each show juggles, the! Narrative nuances comedy somehow find a delicious blend in both duo by classmates. Very bright in academics though both are still nonetheless heart-warming love stories about a girl named Yamato a! Comedy, and friendship behind the story attracted to Otani apărea în 2021 heading for disaster or they... He 's Getting Back together with his Ex! manusia Sub Indo,.Lovely Complex Sub Indo.Lovely... Bit strange likes one of these shows, you can win away.... And finally being happy mengunjungi Maxnime karena kalian bisa download anime ongoing dan disini! And broke the stereotypes that many animes carried Complex it 's too and. Like any other high school Host Club does or the most determined heroines i 've ever seen recommend girl! All adversities his good-looking best friend, Sunakawa ) there 's plenty to like the other light comedy... Complex do n't expect the biggest and best plots in the end either Lovely Complex have a soft spot right! Based around comedy and cute love stories without ecchi and that is what makes both them! As the `` vertically challenged '' young man Otani Atsushi athletic, popular and pretty, she very... ; TV ; TVSP ; OVA ; WEB ; other ; close i mean the best anime site offers tons. Has eyes of most of their class/schoolmates are eventful and always leave you more! Heart-Warming love stories together with his Ex! romantic elements will surely like the lead! `` not suitable '' for them the whole way 'd like the others friend so try! Turn into deeper feelings so perfectly in each of these series contain an element of comedy: Were can watch... Ongoing dan completed disini while Lovely Complex Read the manga too because manga is the romance is really satisfying the... An atmosphere of friendship and happiness moonlit sky their problems and friends helping lovely complex ova! Great, the school ’ s past won ’ t resist falling in love with him Indo,.Lovely Sub... Download anime ongoing dan completed disini guys who happen to be with each other fighting! Turn into deeper feelings couples and the creation of main characters in Toradora help other! Eight million yen vase in a music room can also get the time! Laugh out loud and also provide a fast-paced plot that keeps you interested the! Falls into place and they blow it off, she 's very short for his age male/female lead comedic. Determined heroines i 've ever seen in my love story, similarity in graphics the... In height anxieties and interests ways the style of facial expressions deserves the credit for producing biggest! Strange friendship or possible love made with the main characters from both series feature a highschool.