Common Thirst

Parallax website raising awareness on the world water crisis.

The common thirst website was designed in a partnership between Level Studios, Rosetta Marketing and The brief had two pieces of information to be followed: the site needed to be a horizontal scroll in parallax, and we needed to use watercolor textures somehow.

With this information in hand, we started the research about the world water crisis, identifying pieces of statistics that could be explained briefly with the help of icons, illustrating the conditions that people around the world have to live in with no access to clean water.

Also, to tell the story, we had to get creative with the lack of resources and assets. We decided to make a selection of’s flickr account, and give the photos a hand drawn outline and photoshop treatment that aesthetically fit the watercolor direction.

2012 Webaward for Outstanding Achievement

Water Crisis Illustrations

The Proccess

Original digital photo

Photoshop treatment

Outline illustration

Final asset

The Screens

A storytelling website

All screens: